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Defendant Information

Age At Time of Arrest?

16-19 years old
20-24 years old
25-30 years old
31-34 years old
35-39 years old
40+ years old



Prior criminal convictions at time of arrest?

No prior criminal convictions
One or more misdemeanor convictions but no felony convictions
One or more felony convictions but no misdemeanor convictions
Both misdemeanor and felony convictions
Criminal history information not available

If no prior convictions, open or pending criminal cases at time of arrest?

Criminal history not available

Recommended for release at arraignment? Help

Recommended for release on recognizanceHelp [i]
Moderate risk of failure to appear
High risk of failure to appear — not recommended for release
Recommendation not available

Case Information

PL 120.05 — Assault 2Help [i]
PL 145.05 — Criminal Mischief 3Help [i]
PL 155.30 — Grand Larceny 4Help [i]
PL 160.10 — Robbery 2Help [i]
PL 170.25 — Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument 2Help [i]
PL 220.06 — Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 5Help [i]
PL 220.16 — Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 3Help [i]
PL 220.39 — Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance 3Help [i]
PL 265.02 — Criminal Possession of a Weapon 3Help [i]
PL 265.03 — Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2Help [i]
Other Felony
PL 120.00 — Assault 3Help [i]
PL 140.10 — Criminal Trespass 3Help [i]
PL 140.15 — Criminal Trespass 2Help [i]
PL 155.25 — Petit LarcenyHelp [i]
PL 165.15 — Theft of ServicesHelp [i]
PL 220.03 — Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 7Help [i]
PL 221.10 — Criminal Possession of Marijuana 5Help [i]
PL 265.01 — Criminal Possession of a Weapon 4Help [i]
VTL 1192 — Driving While IntoxicatedHelp [i]
VTL 511 — Aggravated Unlicensed Motor Vehicle Operation 2Help [i]
Other Misdemeanor

Severity of top arrest charge?

Violent Felony Offense (VFO) or Violent Class A FelonyHelp [i]
Non-Violent FelonyHelp [i]
MisdemeanorHelp [i]

Type of top arrest charge? Help

Drug CrimeHelp [i]
Harm to personsHelp [i]
Harm to persons and propertyHelp [i]
Obstruction of justiceHelp [i]
Property crimeHelp [i]
Prostitution or obscenityHelp [i]
Theft of services, forgery or fraudHelp [i]
Trespassing or other misconductHelp [i]
Vehicle and Traffic Law crimeHelp [i]
Weapon possession or saleHelp [i]

Borough of arrest?

Staten Island

Desk appearance ticket given by police? Help

Yes DAT -- Defendant released at arrest
No DAT -- Defendant held at arrest

Release outcome at arraignment?

Released on recognizance (released without bail)Help [i]
Bail set and made at arraignment
Bail set and not made at arraignment
Remanded (held without bail)Help [i]
Failed to appear on DAT -- bench warrant orderedHelp [i]
Case disposed at arraignment

Disposition of case?

Dismissed / acquittedHelp [i]
Adjourned in Contemplation of DismissalHelp [i]
Convicted (of some offense)Help [i]
Other disposition or case still pendingHelp [i]

Sentence imposed?

Jail or prison
ProbationHelp [i]
Conditional discharge or fineHelp [i]
Defendant pled/found guilty but sentence pending
Not convicted